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“Ear Force AK-R8是一套完整的5.1声道电脑游戏环绕声系统,它集舒适性与优秀隔音性能为一体的专业游戏耳机,配合全功能的USB声卡SRM,产生冲击感十足、定位准确、真实的环绕声。”

详细信息请参见Ear Force HPA2 5.1环绕耳机和Audio Advantage SRM USB声卡


Ear Force AKR8 新特性

True 5.1 channel surround sound from 8 speakers

True 5.1 channel surround sound from 8 speakers

Bass vibration units adds sonic realism

High Fidelity High-fidelity, large diaphragm drivers for front and surround channels

Eliminates game sounds picked up by chat mic

Compact size for convenient storage and portability

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